Support Network – A must

It’s funny this topic came up, I have recently found out some news that this may be really relevant too, completely unrelated and not the reason I decided to write, but that’s for another post..

Sean and I

Sean and I

When it comes to deciding to compete, a support network is a prerequisite in your decision to take to the stage.

A support network is there to provide guidance, be your backbone, a pick me up, a helping hand, your reminder, wipe up your tears and be there for you along the way.

During your competition prep you might;

  • Lose sight of your goals – Your support network it there to remind you of this, if you lose site of these you might get off the rails in terms of your preparation.
  • Be tired, irritable and grouchy – Your support network is there to help you deal with that, be your backbone ad tell you things aren’t as bad as your making them out to be.
  • You might question why you are doing this – With the lack of social life now you are dieting and the endless vegetables you might question if it is truly worth the commitment. Your support network is there to remind you it is, and that you made this promise with yourself  and need to see it through.

But don’t be tricked into thinking one person can provide all of this, this can be just as tiring for them as it can be for you. Leaving one person to provide you with everything you need, you may find they wont be there for you for much longer.

For me, my support network consisted of my family, my partner, my trainer, the team and my friends. They all provided me support in different ways.

  • My Family – Especially my mum was there to listen to me and allow me to get everything of my chest when it got to much. Both my parents wanted to learn and understand, and having them there and being interested makes you feel you aren’t alone. They also shared my achievements with those they work with, and friends and family. Having them proud of me was a very rewarding feeling.
  • My partner – He dealt with my bad moods, and dealt with them well! he brushed them off knowing what they were really about and never forced me to a social situation that perhaps I just didn’t want to put on a happy face for if I was feeling tired or flat.
  • My friends – Constantly reminded me what I was doing was great, a challenge, that I was looking good and were proud of me.
  • My Trainer – She was my backbone, she kept my goal insight and constantly reminded me of my good progress, but at the same time not allowing me to get complacent and forget that there was still plenty of hard work
  • My team – They were all going through the same thing, some finding it harder than others, but again being able to talk about it, you knew it wasn’t just your own battle and you could help each other.

I can never be more grateful for my support network and I know that without them the results would have altered greatly. Sometimes they don’t realise the support they are giving, but it’s the little things that count along the way. I can only hope that I provide the same encouragement, positive energy and guidance that they provide me.

And thankfully, they are here with me on the journey to the stage again!

I couldn’t be without them



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