Protein Muesli Slice

Protein Muesli slice

Protein Muesli slice

I haven’t actually cooked any new protein recipes for a little while, well maybe a week, but for me that feels like an awful long time! So i decided to whip some of these up after dinner! perfect for a school lunch box, as I know nuts aren’t allowed at schools these days change for some banana chips, more dried fruits, rice puffs etc and sub the nut butter for a seed butter. this recipe is very flexible!


protein muesli slice

protein muesli slice


Protein Muesli SliceΒ 

1 1/2c (150g) oats

1c (150g) roasted chopped almonds

1c (160g) chopped medjool dates

tbsp (15ml) vanilla bean paste or essence

1/2c (130g) natural salted peanut butter

1scoop (30g) Vanilla WPI

1/4c + 1tbsp agave syrup

1/8c (15g) toasted shredded coconut

1/4c milk of choice, I used almond

turn your oven on to 18o degrees celsius.

combine your dry ingredients in one bowl. Then combine your wet ingredients in another. Place your wet ingredients into the microwave and just heat for 30 seconds, stir to combine then add to your dry ingredients. stir well, use your hands if you need too.

Pour into a lined standard size loaf tin and even out the top.

Place into the oven for 15-20 minutes until browned and take out to cool.

Once a warm temp slice with a sharp knife to desired sized slices!




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