Project 2; Sauerkraut – Complete

After tonight’s shoulder workout, it was straight home to make dinner, and I was excited to make this!

After three and a bit full weeks of waiting, my sauerkraut is ready to be consumed! For these weeks it has ben living in my garage on a paint tin as the temperature stays at the required temperature. Anywhere in my house would be too hot! Now I removed the top layers of cabbage leaf which were serving as a lid over the rest of it, and this had developed some moult, that’s okay though, generally homemade preserves and relishes can also develop this, just remove and the rest is fine. Under these leaves though the content was perfect!

Sauerkraut complete

Sauerkraut complete

To cook this up I heated a frying pan and reduced a small amount of white wine, and as I added my serving size of sauerkraut (the rest goes into the fridge for later use!) I added to my pan some diced prosciutto and cumin powder and sautΓ©ed until I was happy with its appearance.

Now I didn’t just eat this on its own! I had it with some homemade beef and pork sausages of course! while I served mine with just rice I served Sean’s with my beetroot coloured rice transformed into fried rice!

For the sausages I combined;

500g beef mince

30g pork mince

tbsp garlic


pinch salt

2-3tsp paprika

tsp fennel seeds ground


I combined everything in a bowl with my hands them rolled into approx 70g sausage shapes. As I didn’t have sausage casing, I wrapped mine in a strip of prosciutto as well! Cook in a hot pan and serve with choice of sides (fried rice as i did, veggies, a creamy mash etc)

Sauerkraut with homemade sausages and fried rice

Sauerkraut with homemade sausages and fried rice

My conclusion? Well worth the three and a bit weeks wait to have this, it is super tasty and so so good for you! The only trouble I will have now is getting more made before I run out so I don’d need to wait for it!


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