Back Workout and Mayvers Peanut Coconut Chocolate Cups

Ah monday again, (sigh). It’s time to start your week with a fresh start and an open mind. Let all your last week worries behind, it’s a fresh start with a whole week to plan and achieve great things! What does your week look like?
Have you got your plan of attack ready and included everything you have to do, everything you want to do, and provided yourself some ‘you’ time?

It’s a long weekend coming up which will mean this week will most likely drag a bit. But as usual it is a busy week filled with work, trainings, cooking and socializing.

Mayvers nut butters

Mayvers nut butters

Today I had a nice surprise in my mail box, Mayvers had delivered my goodies of nut butters! I was provided with these by mayvers as they had some errors in sending my prize for coming second in their recipe competition – recipe below. So they asked me to choose 8 jars of product that they would send my way! Unfortunately upon getting my gifts one jar had broken,but no harm done I only had to wash the rest! They have now filled my pantry and I may need all the self-control in the world not to dive into them all in one sitting! what can I say, I am a little peanut butter obsessed!

nut and date dip

nut and date dip

I even got home to a little gift from a friend, she had made me a nut and date dip. and it is amazing! I will need to make more of this when it runs out that’s for sure! the recipe isn’t mine, and I’m unsure of where she got it to give them credit but it consists of;

1/2c macadamia, 1/2c almonds, 1/2c dates all soaked in water for a few hrs. 2tbsp additional water, 1/2tbsp agave or honey, 1tsp vanilla bean paste and 1/2tsp salt. all blended together to a smooth and creamy consistency and served with fruit wedges for dipping! Yumm.

Now remember the beetroot cake I made? And I saved the water that I boiled the beetroot in and tonight I used it to cook my rice! It has given it a lovely colour, which is just a nice touch for presentation when serving.

beetroot coloured rice

beetroot coloured rice


After yesterdays workout I thought my chest would be so sore, and I was right it is so sore! and hopefully I get the same out of my back workout today thanks to Kieran’s workout!

Back Session

– may be altered due to memory!

courtesy of Kieran again

behind the neck lateral pull downs – 3 sets, 10slow/10quick reps, 1set 12-15 reps, 1set 8-10 reps, 1set 6-8reps

wide grip lateral pull downs – 4 sets of drop sets

wide grip lateral pull down with Dbar – ’21’

middle back seated rows – 3x’s 10-12 reps with 2 full reps at the end

middle back seated rows superset with seated machine row – 2 sets of middle back; 1 and 1/2 reps 10x’s, with seated row 10-12reps

assisted chin ups – 1st set – 10 slow and holds with 10 fast. 2nd and 3rd set – 5 slow and holds with 10 fast, 4th and final set – 20 full reps

It was a few weeks ago now, but I entered a competition through Mayvers to create a recipe using their products and the most number of likes won! I was leading for some time, but you can’t win them all and in the end I came second! Not  bad outcome however, I won a juice that also makes noodles, sorbet and nut butters! The recipe that won be this wonderful gift is below, and i urge you to try them, quick, easy and no bake, they are the perfect healthy treat!

Mayvers Peanut Coconut Chocolate cups

Mayvers Peanut Coconut Chocolate cups

Mayvers Peanut Coconut Cups

cupcake silicon moulds

3tbsp mayvers peanut coconut spread

2tbsp coconut flour

1tbsp water

2tbsp sugar-free maple syrup

1tbsp crushed peanuts

360g sugar-free chocolate

1. melt your chocolate

2. Pour enough chocolate into the moulds so that the bottom is covered – I made 8.  I used the back of a teaspoon to help push the chocolate up the sides of the mould. Place it into the fridge to set it.

3. Make the middle filling by combining all the ingredients, place int he fridge to allow the mix to firm slightly for 5 minutes. once firmed form into equal sized disks, again I made 8.

4. re melt your remaining chocolate if required and place each disk of filling into you moulds, pour over remaining chocolate to cover. Tap on the bench to remove any air bubbles and place in the fridge to allow the chocolate to set quickly.

So tasty!


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