What I hope to achieve + Todays leg workout – Ouch!

I believe in setting yourself goals whether it be to wake up a certain time a day, get the groceries done on a saturday, meet a friend for a coffee or loose 5kgs. A goal provides you with motivation and a promise to yourself and others that you don’t want to break.

Promises and goals I have recently set myself is to;

  • Aim for national INBA in October
  • Share my journey and build my blog audience
  • Help those prepping for upcoming comps and aid those considering for the first time.
  • Allow myself more Me time.
  • Continue to share my recipes through my FB CleanTreats page.

Now, how I will meet my first goal of helping those prep? Keep reading…


Its now 15 weeks out to the Tasmanian State Championships for the INBA and for all competitors this means they will be all in their comp prep now. Strict diets will have now begun and trainings can not be mixed.

INBA Tasmanian State Championships

INBA Tasmanian State Championships

This is something different for me and now the first local competition that I will not be competing in. I am okay with this and obviously this is my own decision as a way to better myself, and by not going in every show that is on allows me to do this.

Competing takes a huge toll on the body, through the strict dieting and the minimal body fat % to get on stage. I love the process but in order to gain muscle and improve in my competitiveness this means I need to fuel my body well in my off season, train hard and lift heavy and get the biggest gains I can, as lame as some may think that sounds!

For me I don’t feel a huge difference in the off season and competing. While I up my food intake greatly to help get those gains, I continue to train hard and to my maximum potential regardless of on or off season. The difference? In my off season, the extra fuel I am providing myself will ALLOW me to lift and work harder, even if I wanted to during the comp prep time, sometimes it just isn’t possible. During my comp prep my aim has been to slim down for competition while not loosing muscle mass.


For me now, Specifically I am helping those that are in their competition prep in the ProTraining Team. I am going to help them out in their posing practice and their stage walking and presence as this is a HUGE component of their end result. Many competitors will diet for weeks and months to get on stage, and this is their time to shine and to show off all that they have worked hard for. If they can’t show it off then it could be considered to be for nothing. Sometimes nerves get the better of you and this can happen for a number of reasons, through your general nerves on the day which can happen to anyone, or it could be your lack of preparation. Posing should look effortless and when it doesn’t then it takes the focus away form your body and instead to how awkward you look on stage. I urge everyone not to let the later be the reason you don’t see the results. And luckily this is the preventable one! And the only way to prevent it? Is to practice!

last years INBA Nationals Fitness Competition

last years INBA Nationals Fitness Competition

Practice makes perfect, and for females putting your heels on every time you are home is a must, because they don’t feel natural and comfortable for everyone. Wear them while you cook in the kitchen and do the housework, they need to be an extension of your leg and as if you own them! Trust me it works. I put mine on every morning leading up to prep and will do a min 15 minutes of stage walking and posing in them. Its not a lot of time out of your day when you consider it. and you know what?, by the time I was on stage how my poses were was not my concern and this is how it should be!

So I guess my purpose is to help these girls in their stage preparation and ensure they can present themselves in their best possible light. It all comes down to that one the day. There is no point stressing out about that extra piece of tummy fat any more, as its not going anywhere now!

In addition to this though I want to be able to help everyone. My thoughts on the fitness competition industry, things I learn and the journey I take are all learning experiences that I will learn from and I want others to benefit from my positive results and my negative ones to by learning from my wrong doings. This blog is how I can do this and also share my love for food good and bad. My Clean Treats FB page is primarily how I share all my healthy recipes and that is my target for the page, simple, easy and clean recipes and ideas. In my opinion it is helping those that do not know about clean eating and how easy it can be. I get extremely happy when I see people tagging their friends and sharing my recipes as this is what they are their for!


Hopefully everyone can get something from what I share and know that I am open for comments, questions and what to help how I can! I think when you love what you do it will show and that is what you need to be able to help others.


Todays leg workout was an absolute killer! But i loved it, and I think dad did to. He should be rather sore!


squats – 4 sets; 10 feet together and 10 sumo squats toes pointed out

split squats superset with thrusters – 4 sets; split squats 10 each leg, thrusters; 12

leg press – 3 sets; 10 feet high as they can go, 10 feet shoulder width normal, 10 wide and toes out

leg press single legs – 2 sets; 12 each leg

lunges – 3 sets; length of the gym with weights, drop weights and lunge back just body weight

lunges – 1 set as above, but add a third Β length of the gym staying low in your lunge

hamstring curls – 3 sets; first two sets do 3 lots of 8reps increasing weight between each 8. final set is a drop set.



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