The weekend approaches + Raw Carrot Cake Slice

Raw Carrot Cake topped with cinnamon and walnuts

Raw Carrot Cake topped with cinnamon and walnuts

Its Friday, generally a very busy day at work as I try to get everything I didn’t do through the week completed for a fresh start on Monday! While I eat my breakfast I contemplate what the weekend has in store for me. Have I crammed my weekend full of everything, possibly too much that I feel a little stretched in my ability to fulfil all that I have planned? Or have I made it more about me for once, and sought some much-needed me time?

Once again for me this weekend I feel I have crammed as much as I can in to the short period of time. Sometimes I feel I can fit more into a weekend than I can on a weekday! So the agenda for me starts tonight, the annual Cricket Dinner for Sean’s club. He was A Grade Captain for the second year this time, which means he will also have prepared a speech. Once, I would have gone to these functions and taken advantage of the free bottles of wine on the table and made a real night of it, to wake up in the morning and regret it based both on how I feel and remembering how I made a complete fool of myself. But since last year and commencing my Journey in the fitness industry and competitions I do not have this urge any more. I would prefer to enjoy a nice glass of red and provided the company is good excessive alcohol shouldn’t be needed to fuel it. I find that if I get encouraged into a drinking situation all that consumes me is not the fun time I’m having, but thinking of the day I will waste tomorrow feeling sorry for myself, in addition I no longer enjoy the feeling of being out of control.

So you will often find me being the designated driver to events and the first to sneak off once everyone gets to rowdy, but I’m perfectly okay with that.

Before I head tot he dinner though I will squeeze in a quick PT session, we will be doing shoulders, my favourite!

Tomorrow, Saturday I have a few plans. I will be training my Dad and Brother for a legs session in the morning, I’m thinking around 8am, I will have a sleep in! then its checking out the posing for our male team members of ProTraining! I haven’t seen everyone that has joined the team so this will be fun to see who is involved. Following that my friend and I may head out to the farmers market, something I love to do and I will get my favourite Rice paper rolls from GardenofVegan and I may get a Laksa for dinner as well. Later that day I will need to do the groceries, as well as visit an old work friend I haven’t seen for a while! That will conclude my Saturday and I’m hoping to get some time to sit down to write something, or do my puzzle. Maybe even a good movie for Sean and I to watch.

Sunday, I will do a PT session again this time working on chest! I will head back home and collect my bundle of fur Ellie and most likely spend the day at mum and dads. Dad and I are thinking of cooking again, and this normally involves organising our menu, grocery shopping and spending the afternoon getting ourselves organised in what we are making. We are thinking a seafood chowder in homemade bread bowls and I think I want to make a pumpkin Pie for desert! entrΓ©e undecided.

Some of you may think this sounds boring, where are the parties and the late nights. But I don’t like late nights, and I am always so busy its nice to be able to do what I want on the weekend. I’m happy with how I spend my time and I know not everyone finds the amounts of cooking I do or how I spend my time exciting but that’s okay, that’s why we are all different! It gives us something to take about πŸ˜€

One thing I know I will struggle with is my groceries, I have already decided now that the announcement has been made that we are moving to the UK, I will avoid buying things that last in my cupboard for a long time such as spices. It will be silly to replace all of these when I can not take them with me. While my mum will make fine use of them once I’m gone, I know it’s an area I don’t need to spend on, so I will refrain from doing so, as hard as it may be.


So last night I had a PT session, we trained back, before I quickly rushed home for a shower and straight to my friends salon to get my toes painted and a spray tan ready for tonight. Em does a great job with my hair/beauty and tans and I love using the time I’m there for a good catch up. The salon was empty at 7pm so it was just her and I, perfect for a good chat! First she did my toes, and unfortunately I missed out on the massage as she couldn’t oil up my legs due tot he tan I was getting after! πŸ˜¦ however lucky for me she has promised me one at home instead! I shall hold her to it. She did an awesome Blue glitter which I adore and it’s nice to get something different! Onto the Tan after that and the colour has come out perfect this morning!

When I got home however I have had an unbelievable urge to make a raw carrot cake. Believe it or not but prior to this I have never had carrot cake, not because I think I wont like it, I think it makes perfect sense to be a delicious combination, more because I think it’s generally an easy recipe and as you know I love complicated. But this Raw one is easy as well. It just took me an awful long time due to trying to avoid getting my tan wet while it soaked!

Raw Carrot Cake

Raw Carrot Cake

This cake is amazing, with a nuttiness in the base and a sweetness provided by the carrot its the perfect combination of flavour and texture, not to smooth but by no means to grainy either. the base is softer then the topping so a hot knife is recommended for cutting. The top layer is creamy in texture and its hard to believe it to is made from nuts. The addition of cacao butter creams a white chocolate taste that makes this dessert seem a naughty treat!

Well I guess I better share this recipe with you;

Raw Carrot Cake topped with cinnamon and walnuts

Raw Carrot Cake topped with cinnamon and walnuts

Raw Carrot Cake

Yields: 10 slices

Start the night before by soaking the cashews – you could use cashew butter if you are time poor though and can’t wait!

First; Line a small loaf tin with baking paper

For the cake;

100g mixed nuts or just walnuts

140g medjool dates (approx. 11)

1/2c moist coconut flakes (35g)

20g goji berries soaked

1tbsp honey

1 very large carrot grated (200g) or about 2- 2 1/2cups

1tsp nutmeg

1tsp cinnamon

First soak your goji berries in boiling water. Grate your carrot and pit your dates. Now your ready to go.

Add your nuts and dates to a food processor and whizz to a crumb, add your cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut flakes and honey and blend till combined. Now time to add your carrot, this may take some time but blend till incorporated, scraping down the sides as you go. Pour this mix into the tin and level out the top. Place into the fridge until ready.

For the topping

3tbsp agave syrup

squeeze of half a lemon

1c cashews soaked overnight

1/4c water (reserve from cashew water)

60g cacao butter melted

When your cashews have been soaked, drain them and add them to your food processor with the 1/4c water. whizz until a lumpy paste before adding your lemon and agave syrup. Blend for a few minutes until a very smooth consistency. Add the melted cacao butter at this point and continue to blend until incorporated and smooth.

Take your base out of the fridge and pour over top and smooth the top. Place back in the fridge to set for a minimum for 3 hrs, or speed up the process by placing in the freezer! When ready take out and cut into slices using a hot but dry knife (run under hot water and wipe clean) dust with some ground cinnamon and top with some chopped walnuts and maybe a drizzle of honey?

uncut carrot cake out of the loaf tin

uncut carrot cake out of the loaf tin

Carrot cake sliced and ready to decorate!

Carrot cake sliced and ready to decorate!

Raw Carrot Cake, end product

Raw Carrot Cake, end product






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    Delicious recipe! πŸ™‚

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