Project 3: Big news and Raw Vanilla Protein Cheesecake

Today was a tough morning to get out of bed, I have been doing a lot of evening sessions, which has meant I have been getting to bed a bit later as it takes me that bit longer to whind down at night. That meant this morning being my first morning session for the week was somewhat of a drag to get out of bed. Once I was there though it was no longer an issue, I may my brother for our arms session which proved to be challenging as ever!

My Arm Session

 Dips superset with barbel tricep curls

tricep push ups with dumbbell tricep kickbacks

cable tricep kickbacks

biceps preacher curls superset with spider curls

alternate dumbbell seated bicep curls superset with hammer curls

alternating barbels bicep curls with partner

I love training arms, the burn is like nothing else and while my arms aren’t in any way big, it certainly feels like it by the time I leave!

So, my big news;

For those of you that haven’t been let in on the secret, Sean and I are thinking of moving to europe in April 2015 for a year or two!

We have been discussing this for a little time now and the idea was initiated by myself. The idea came about mainly due to Seans age and my urge to go to the UK. a working Visa also known as a Youth Mobility Visa is only applicable for those that are aged 18-31. Sean turns 31 this year, meaning that he has to get his Visa before his birthday! A Visa lasts for 2 years, so that means its full steam ahead for us if we want to go!

I have always wanted to go to the UK and in particular london,a nd travel further to see areas such as Rome, Paris, Venice, Greece etc. all the hot tourist places! I think the culture would be an amazing experience, not to mention the History that is there that I would love to view. As you know I love food and cooking, so going to other countries to experience their foods is also a huge draw card for me. Sean had never really considered moving their until I suggested it. We went to America over christmas/New Years this year and that was amazing, but it was not first choice of destination. As Sean wanted to go back there, we decided to do that first then tackle Europe next! Now the time has come!

There is so much planning to consider! Such as where to base ourselves (suggestions appreciated), what type of work we will both do, who we will live with, what to do with the house at home and the contents. Not to mention the savings we will now want to do until we leave! A few things sorted; mum and dad will look after Ellie whilst we are away (I will miss her SO much), I am now trying o sell my car and I informed my boss today (something I didn’t look forward to as I feel I’m letting him down, but we have come to an agreement that he will take me back if I want to when I return!)

I think I would like to stay in the same occupation going over there, to remain the industry will continue my knowledge, but there will be some logistics to consider in regards to this. Sean is unsure whether he will continue to teach, he is thinking a break might be nice as he has never done anything else. I can understand that, he has only ever been in the education industry.

It does now feel like a weight off my chest as I have told my boss my plans, it wont be until April 2015 that we will leave as we have a few weddings to attend in March and Sean is in one, so that’s a long time to keep a secret and as he has always been good to me, I think it pays to be upfront about these things.

So the planning, preparation, count down, excitement and nerves are piled up. I will share the progress of this new project and our trip together!

A recipe to share;

Raw Vanilla Protein Cheesecake with Berry jelly top

Raw Vanilla Protein Cheesecake with Berry jelly top

Yesterday I decided to make a Raw Vanilla Protein Cheesecake with a Berry Jelly topping

This was amazing! lovely and creamy and worth the effort! I whipped this up within 20minutes so its super quick, went to the gym for a session then came home for dinner and it was ready to tuck into!


For the base:

130g almonds

60g cashews

50g pecans

20g desiccated coconut

2tbsp coconut oil (melted)

1/8c coconut milk

180g medjool dates (13)

line the base of your cake tin with baking paper. cake tin= 1x 10cm diameter tin.

Melt your coconut oil in the coconut milk. Add everything to a small food processor and blend until a course crumb.

For the Vanilla Filling

2tbsp coconut sugar

1c quark

1/2c greek yogurt

2tsp vanilla bean paste

1x scoop vanilla WPI – I use Bulk Nutrients

1/2 tbsp honey

1c cashews – soaked

soak for cashews for a min of 20mins. drain before adding to the food processor. Process to a lumpy paste and then add all your other ingredients. Turn your processor onto high for approx 5mins until a smooth paste. pour this into the tin ontop of the base mix and place in the fridge until the next layer is ready.

For the jelly topping

2tsp gelatine powder

1/3c boiling water

2tbsp coconut sugar

160g raspberries – I used frozen

140g blackberries – I used frozen

first thaw your berries, in two separate bowls though. Add just your raspberries and 1tbsp coconut sugar to the processor and pulse 4-5 times, pour into a bowl and set aside. Do the same with the blackberries. dissolve your gelatine in the boiling water and stir half of the mix into each of the berry mixes. Take your cheesecake out of the fridge and pour just your raspberry mix over first. Dollop your blackberry mix around and using the back of a spoon lightly incorporate it into the raspberry mix to create a marble effect. Place in the fridge for min 2 hrs before serving.


You can freeze as well, if you do allow to thaw prior to cutting. If you only store in the fridge it will be soft. Do not leave out of the fridge for extended periods of time. Serve with dark chocolate  drizzle.

Raw Vanilla Protein Cheesecake with Berry jelly top

Raw Vanilla Protein Cheesecake with Berry jelly top


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