My Standard Day – rice noodles – Banana Pancakes

I think I will choose a weekday to demonstrate to you what a standard day for me looks like. My previous post here; will let you read about what my weekends are like! A weekday for me; starts at 5:30am, it’s up bright and early to hit the gym. I personally don’t eat prior to the gym but I know a lot of people do. Really I would rather lay in bed a little longer! So I’m up, get dressed in the spare room so as not to wake Sean, fill up my drink bottle with my BCAAAs and water and off I go. The gym is only about 3 mins away for me at that time of the morning as the roads are so empty.

My gym

My gym

Once there I’m either training on my own or with my brother Isaac. Today I did chest and  it consisted of;

incline bench press – 2 sets 12 full reps, 2 sets of 6 reps (one rep is 3 1/2 pulses and 1 full)

flat bench – 4 sets – starting at 12 reps each increasing weight each time (last set was 6 reps)

decline bench press – 5 sets start at 15 reps than next 12 reps then next 10 then 8 and 8 for your last

flat bench dumbbell press superset with flat bench flys, 4 sets 12 reps

isolated chest press across the body – 4 sets of 10 reps

cable fly – high setting – 4 sets of 12

I hope I’m sore! I should be, I don’t think I even fail to get sore! Tomorrow is legs, which I will be training with Kieran a different gym them my usual one. He is helping me with my training to prep towards nationals. I always feel so weak when I train with him, not because he is that much strong then me, that is to be expected from MR Australasia! haha but his training technique is a lot different to what I am used too. We do a lot of lower weights higher reps and different movements to what I’m used to. This can only better me and I’m already feeling the improvement! Plus I love being trained rather than the trainer, its nice to have the responsibility taken off you and not have to think or know whats coming up!   So, the rest of my day! I head home by about 7am, and I’m straight into breakfast. Standard for me; my banana pancakes! When I start my comp prep I have to become more strict at myself with these and if I’m allowed banana then I will have these a few times a week. But for now, it’s almost daily!

Banana Protein Pancakes

Banana Protein Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

1 banana

4 eggs

1 scoop whey protein – I use any flavour, banana, vanilla, chocolate etc

cinnamon and nutmeg

I add glutamine but can be excluded!

1 cup of quinoa oats soaked in water (for soaking min 3mins but only just cover,)

peanut butter to serve

combine everything into a food processor or blender and whizz till combined. Then cook like a pancake in a non stick pan! The mix can be made the night before which is generally what I do to save time πŸ™‚


While I make these I tend to do little jobs at the same time, from making Sean his wraps, prepping my meals, the washing up, putting on a load of washing or starting to fold some clothes, just a few things to save time later! I can’t sit still for long! I sit down and eat these while I watch Sunrise with Ellie snuggled up next to me.  Then I’m up again, shower time and head out the door to work.

I start work at 9am and first stop is a cup of tea. During the day i will have multiple client appointments, work on paperwork and file preparation. Some days see me travel around the state, which I will do tomorrow, sometimes it’s a nice break to get out of the office! I will eat three times whilst at work, meals at about 10am, 12:30pm and 3:30pm. These meals will consist of protein, veggies and good fats! They help keep my metabolism going, plus I do love to eat! I always take my meals with me, ESPECIALLY if I’m prepping for a competition. That includes to catered for PD days, no matter how silly people think I am eating my steak and beans, it’s what must be done to see the results. Eating this type of food early in the day isn’t a struggle for me, I’m used to it and don’t think of much else. But I can understand most people’s opinion on it is to not do it.

Work finishes at 5, generally I do leave the office then but sometimes a day will call for it that I have too much paperwork to get through or late appointments which of course I will stay for. Generally its straight home, on days where I train with Kieran its off to the gym for me! When I get home I’m greeted by Ellie and her smiling face. It’s so nice to come home to her so excited to see me! I unpack my bag and consider what I’m cooking for dinner.



Dinner is decided on the weekend before I do the groceries so I know what to buy and depending on what Sean’s plans are through the week. If he isn’t home yet he will be not long after me. I start dinner in the mean time I prep my own meals for the next day, makes my pancake mix and have a cup of tea. Time seems to fly once I’m home. If I have nothing to cook I tend to do some experimenting with clean recipes and make a dessert out of them for Sean to try after dinner. I don’t eat a lot of my own cooking. Mainly because if i started I wouldn’t stop, but I’m far more of a savoury person. I would prefer a creamy chicken and leek pie, pork dumplings, a delicious steaming bread or pad Thai then sweets.

For me I love to have rice noodles with plenty of veggies, and either a satay sauce or Thai red coconut sauce. depends what I fancy! I only have carbs for dinner provided I have trained. And I try to have treat meals on the day I don’t train! It’s important to let your body recover!

Satay rice noodles

Satay rice noodles

I try to serve dinner up as MKR, master chef or similar starts. We don’t watch too much TV but these are ones I don’t like to miss! Once that’s over, the kitchen is closed and I enjoy a cup of tea. I’m into bed not long after! – getting up at 5:30am most mornings means bed is earlier! So bed by 9, and I will either write one of these, surf social media for a bit or read a book. At the moment I don’t have one on the go but I do love to read! my favorite author would be Dan Brown, Dad is currently borrowing these off me! but the all time favorite that I know will never grow old is Harry Potter, and how I wish I could read these for the first time again. I am still convinced my Hogwarts letter is lost int he owl post.

Once my eyes are closing on me as I try so hard to finish one last chapter I call it’s quits and it’s lights out for me to start another day!




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