Project 2: Sauerkraut

I’m funny about recipes, the more steps it has to create it, the more technique and time put into it, the more I want to do it. I think some would agree that’s not normal.
Generally these days we are time poor and we want convenience, why else does pre made pastas, sauces, marinated meats and other meals that only require the turning on of an oven and removal of packaging, continue to sell so well. So we want things with minimal tasks and effort, that’s why when Jamie’s 30 minute meals and then 15 minute meals were released they became a cookbook staple.
And all of that is fine, I don’t have children at this stage in my life, so I have the time to spend in the kitchen if I so desire. I also forgo some things I should be doing such as other house work because I want to complete a lengthy recipe such as pasta dough or bread.
I have had my fair share of strange looks when people find out I’m 21 and love to cook, from cakes and biscuits, breads, pasta, Thai and Japanese and anything in between. But as this is a passion of mine, it doesn’t feel like a chore its my me time and allows me to unwind.

So, where’s this story going? All of the above, explains why when my trainer from ProTraining posted a status on their Facebook page about both the health benefits of Sauerkraut and the recipe to create, that I decided I had to make this.
Not only did I learn from their post the undeniable health benefits of this creation for your bodies functionality but I also discovered that to make this, it requires a minimum of three weeks. That’s three weeks after the initial hard work is put in, to see your creation develop and then provided you did it all right at the start, you get to reap the rewards.
Sounded like a very good plan to me.
And so, I already had a cabbage in the fridge, salt and vinegar if required, all I needed was a large and airtight container.

My eagerness to give this a shot immediately overcome me, and I was headed straight to the supermarket in my lunch break to find a suitable container. Once home I was scheduled for a spray tan which I went and got, only to them don a paid of gloves so as not to ruin the tan with the liquid and give this a shot.

The recipe;
1 whole cabbage finely shredded – reserve 2-3 outside leaves
10-15g salt
dash of vinegar if required.
after you shred the cabbage place all into a large bowl. add your salt, it’s now time to get your hands dirty. Massage the cabbage until it is broken down, almost in my opinion as if it has been steamed. I will produce liquid during this process, that’s whats meant to happen. Keep massaging until you are satisfied it is broken down enough and then pour into your glass jar. Add some vinegar if the liquid does not yet cover the contents. The reserved leaves are to be used as a ‘lid’ over the mixture. This helps tot ensure it remains covered and free from exposure. Seal the lid tightly and place in a cool area around 8-10degrees for min 3 weeks but up to 6 months.

My final product to date;

Now some may be unsure on how to consume such a food, it is often served as an accompaniment to game meats, sausages such as bratwurst and other strong flavours. Americans serve it on hot dogs but initially this flavour combination has some from Europe .

So as you can imagine while a simple recipe, the challenge of doing this whilst avoiding ruining my new fake tan, and the length of time to wait for th end result was what has enticed me to do this. and in just one week the 3 weeks will be up. I’m still working on how to make my own sausage when I don’t have a sausage maker for the casing, but it must be able to be done some how!

I will keep you updated on my progress and the end result! I’m very excited to see it as well!



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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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