My weekend and Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs!

My weekends do consist of what I call normal events.
Saturday morning I start my day nice and early, as the gym opens at 7am that’s where I will be. There is something nice about getting up and starting your morning with a workout as a way to kick-start the energy in your body and begin your day feeling productivity!

So this morning I was off to the gym with my dad, we focused on our legs. Dad hasn’t done a proper leg workout with me yet, so I thought I would show him how its done! It’s 4pm this afternoon now and he is already feeling it, so I would consider that a job well done!

Our workout consisted of;
Leg extensions superset with laying hamstring extensions
Reverse Lunges superset with 1 and a quarter squats
leg press drop set
single leg press
back to laying leg extensions
job done!

I like to do legs twice a week so generally it will be a monday or a Tuesday followed by a friday or saturday session. One session I prefer to target more of my quads from different angles, and the other session more of a focus on hamstrings, I generally don’t do calves during a leg session, I like to do these during other sessions as more of a focus.

With that done my plans this weekend are to head home and fill myself up. Then its off to the farmers market with the parents.

The Launceston Farmers market isn’t huge, buts its nice and has everything that I want. My first stop is always ‘The Garden of Vegan’ and I love to get the tofu and avocado rice paper rolls with the satay chilli sauce. These are my weekend treat and something I do look forward to, they will be tonight’s dinner. Today my mum also got the laksa from their stall which she had for lunch, I tried some of this and it was amazing. I’m not huge on spicy chilli so I’m glad mum opted not to get extra!
Other stalls that I have enjoyed here have been the Manu Bread, the olive sourdough is very yummy. Also the Okonomiyaki pancakes are a tasty hot breakfast!
It’s nice to go to these local markets and suss out the local produce. Often you don’t tend to know a lot about these small businesses until you are introduced to them by friends or these places as they tend to be tucked away in little stores. The can be a quiet secret and a pleasure to discover.

Once we had completed three laps of the market and confident we had seen all we wished, it was off for a few more stops, one of which included my house. We needed some supplies for our cooking which was starting now, ready for tomorrows dinner (<em>more on this shortly</em>. I am currently working on a puzzle at the moment, if i haven’t already made mention of this it is a 1,500 piece puzzle, left at my house by a friend and it is mind bogglingly hard! I have never completed a puzzle so large, so this is certainly a challenge I want to complete It will look lovely framed and put up, however I fear that I have lost a piece, and I wont truly know this until I have finished. Whilst at my house dad got a bit immersed int he puzzle, they can be addictive, and finished a few pieces for me.


Paris Puzzle

Paris Puzzle

Heading back to mum and dads finally and it’s time to get our dinner ready for tomorrow night! I am very excited about this meal, Slow cooked BBQ sticky ribs! I actually made these for Sean and I last week, dad wants to try these too, and I loved them so much I’m not complaining about having them again!


Dad and I are very similar in personality, and so whilst we will enjoy cooking together most weekends it will still result in arguments about whose way will work best. I have a tendency to use a recipe as a ‘guideline’ whilst dad believes a recipe wont work unless you follow it to the t. But i do love cooking with him and find it enjoyable and relaxing to spend my day getting everything ready for a feast that night! it’s also nice to cook for my whole family, give mum and rest and not just cook for one, as I’m often only ever cooking for Sean.


Ribs, Olive oil, bbq sauce, Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce, brown sugar, chilli, garlic, apple cider vinegar, apples, rhubarb, lemon juice, mustard, salt and pepper.

Ribs, Olive oil, bbq sauce, Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce, brown sugar, chilli, garlic, apple cider vinegar, apples, rhubarb, lemon juice, mustard, salt and pepper.

Sticky BBQ rib sauce

Sticky BBQ rib sauce

With all the ingredients ready to go I combine them all into a saucepan and heat until coming to the boil, them remove and allow to cool. I have tripled the mixture, we are feeding 6 people. I found a single recipe enough for just the two of us! this will marinate over night until placing them in the slow cooker at 2:30pm tomorrow ready for a 7pm dinner!

But a weekend cook up wouldn’t be complete with out the plans for dessert. On our menu after the ribs will be a home-made apple pie with homemade vanilla ice-cream and creme anglaise. I think this will be delicious and the main construction wont start until tomorrow, but we did make the ice-cream today! Using my trusty standard ice-cream recipe!

The recipe for my Sticky BBQ Ribs!

1.5kg pork ribs

1/2c tomato sauce

1/4c tomato paste

1/2c apple cider vinegar

1/2c bbq sauce

1c firmly packed brown sugar

2tbsp lemon juice

1tbsp seeded mustard

1/3c worcestershire sauce

salt and pepper

1/4c olive oil

3 garlic cloves

1tsp chilli

Combine all the ingredients into a saucepan and heat until boiling and sugar dissolved. Remove from the heat and allow to cool for at least 15 minutes, then pour over your ribs and marinate for  a few hours, or overnight as I did. To cook, slow cook on high for 4 hours, turning a couple of times. Once cooked remove from the sauce and cover with foil, place into a low heated oven until ready to serve. Pour the sauce into a saucepan and bring to a high simmer, reduce to about half the amount. Serve with some white rice place your ribs on top of the rice and pour your sauce overtop. Don’t be scared to use your hands, this dinner isn’t a graceful one and perhaps not a great option for a first date!


The ice-cream

2 eggs

4 egg yolks

2tsps vanilla bean paste

600ml thickened cream

whip your cream and set aside.

Place a saucepan half filled with water on high heat and bring to the boil. place a bowl on top of this but don’t allow the water to touch the bottom. using a hand mixer with whisk attachment whisk you eggs and sugar for 8minutes until thickens and pale in colour.

thickening eggs and sugar

thickening eggs and sugar

Remove from heat once thickened and pale and gently fold into your cream. Pour into a container and place straight in the freezer to set!

Who knew you didn’t need an ice-cream maker to make ice-cream at home! Stay tuned for the end result.


I’m very excited for tomorrow nights dinner it should be a real treat!




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