The start

Photoshoot April 2014 by DanCripps Photography Hobart TAS

Photoshoot April 2014 by DanCripps Photography Hobart TAS

Starting a blog is hard, I’m sitting here unsure of how to start and what you would want to hear from me. But as I have decided this blog will angle towards my journey as a fitness model and everything in-between perhaps the best place to start is to explain how I got involved in fitness modelling to start with.

Have you ever done something only for your self enjoyment then thought maybe I can get more out of this? Perhaps you love to knit and make scarves then decided to sell them at your local market, or you love to cook and make up your own recipes so you decided to start your own eBook or cookbook? That’s how it was for me and my entry into fitness modelling.

I would spend hours at the gym, often going twice a day. For me this wasn’t a chore, I loved it. I loved getting hot and sweaty and feeling like I had worked hard. I would have multiple training partners and this would see me doing plenty of sessions. From spin classes and boxing, outdoor hill climbs, 3hr long walks with friends, weights, swimming and cardio the combination of exercise I was doing was huge but I loved it. I was eating what I thought was healthy, often a generous serving of muesli at breakfast, nuts during the day and a wrap at lunch followed by anything from pasta, salad and veggies at dinner with dessert as I felt like it. This is where I was going wrong.

A good friend of mine had decided he would enter the INBA (International Natural Body Building Association) and suggested I to should get involved. The show was in September and it was April when this suggestion became serious.
I felt pretty pleased that he thought I had the potential to do it, often I’m not one to put myself forward in a situation like that for fear of rejection and to be told I am not good enough, so to have the suggestion put to me left the door wide open as to what I should do, and it sort of took the stress of it being my idea away.

This is when I realised my training had a purpose.

I signed on and the training started and it was nothing like I had experienced before. My training involved weights, and weights only, I was told NO cardio. this was scary. the common; ‘I don’t want to bulk up’, ‘how can I lose weight doing less’, ‘I don’t want to look manly.’ are all thoughts that crossed my mind and many others that were getting involved for the first time. The other component to change was my diet and that saw me eating more, again I was thinking ‘how can I possibly lose weight eating more!’ but it started working, almost immediately and from then on I trusted my trainer 100%, and the results were what we required.

From this point on I was hooked. Not only had I learnt to trust my trainer and her knowledge but I saw a whole new meaning to the concept of training. I learnt there is such a thing as overtraining, and prior to this I was certainly doing that. That a rest is important, and I had hardly ever allowed myself that break. I have also learnt so much about my body and how it reacts to certain foods, what makes me feel good and what leaves me feeling sorry for myself. All of these changes are things I now live by.

I have found that fitness model competing has seen my training have a purpose and provided me with a goal. Instead of just aimlessly training as hard as I can I now train to look the best on stage, and look better than I did last time. This provides me with a new form of drive and passion. I know this wont continue forever in which case I may need a new goal to achieve to continue my progress, but for now, it is certainly keeping me content.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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