Project no.1: my unqualified clients

I’m not a qualified Personal Trainer, but I would just love to be! At the moment I just feel as though the fitness industry is a little overrun with new trainers and that there are only two ways to go, you are either in high demand and successful at what you do, due to your history of achievements, qualifications and general people ability OR you are simply no good and can’t fill your day with clients and therefore making a living out of this isn’t really a possibility it becomes more of a side job, and whilst this isn’t necessarily due to an inability or lack of knowledge don’t get me wrong.

I think it’s the later that scares me. I don’t want to be unsuccessful at anything I do, and the fear of putting myself out there and putting myself as the sell point is a scary thing, that is flat-out rejection by others if it doesn’t work, that’s why it took me two whole hours earlier today before I pressed submit of my first ever blog post. But I did it, and I know one day I will do my PT course even if it’s just for my own knowledge.

Isaac training

isaac training


dad training

This is what leads me to my first two unqualified clients. I love to help people, and who better to start to help then my own family. My dad, and my younger brother.

Isaac is 17, very tall but lean. Prior to beginning to train with me he had never done proper weights training, he had always been active and played both soccer and involved in the school rowing team, but we joined him up at my gym after he used a month free membership I gave him. From this point on he has become a regular training partner of mine.

My dad, he works at his engineering company which sees him active and on his feet most days.This keeps him very busy and not much time for other training! He got a free week membership at my gym and this is when he has decided to become a member as well after enjoying the test week! and since I have been helping him learn exercises and creating workout programs for him to follow equip with images and full instructions to help him complete his sessions. He has even mentioned how much he likes this due to the fact that he doesn’t need to think about what workout to do next, it’s just all there for him. I think this is the reason we all enjoy a trainer, sometimes giving up the responsibility is a nice change.

So far the results have been great, Isaac has seen a huge increase in muscle whilst dad actually now needs to wear a belt to hold up his pants. The results will continue to be tracked and Isaac aims to get on stage perhaps next year once further muscle is gained. Dad is just enjoying the new challenge and I hope he sticks with it, as it can only help in the long run.


to be continued…




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  1. Frain Train says:

    Isaac Frain is my idol, please marry me <3<3 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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