Experiment; Red Velvet Ice Cream with a cream cheese frosting swirl

Everyone loves Red Velvet cake. When it has a smooth and spongy texture hinted with cocoa but the flavour colour tricks you as being a rich dark red, not to mention the topping of a smooth whipped sweetened cream cheese, what’s not love or want you going back for more?

I have had an ongoing desire to make ice-cream flavours that are a little out of the ordinary. I often make white chocolate and raspberry ice-cream which is a favourite of my brothers, I have made toasted coconut and caramel – surprisingly delicious as well as mint choc. Now they haven’t all been successful. The raspberry and white choc has worked every time and the toasted coconut and caramel was perfect. But the mint choc, not so much.

toasted coconut and caramel icecream

toasted coconut and caramel icecream


photo isn't top quality but white chocolate and raspberry icecream

photo isn’t top quality but white chocolate and raspberry icecream

It wasn’t a case of the flavours not working, I had the bottom layer as chocolate and the top layer and the mint and throughout I scattered choc chips, this should work just fine right? The thing is, I don’t own an ice-cream maker, and that’s fine I’m more than happy doing things the long way, I find it more rewarding knowing I did it over a machine, but this is where human error came into play. I was making this particular mint choc flavour at my parents house, and at the time I had stolen their mix master, so I was only left with the hand-held mixer that often gets used to make the mashed potato and puree soups. At the time I thought nothing of it and started to thicken my cream with this. Although it certainly whipped my cream, it created a dense whip, not a nice light and fluffy which filled with air. I could see it straight away but by this stage it was too late, there was nothing else I could do about it as I had no other appliance that I could have used. So I continued on with my ice-cream making and folded through my flavours poured it into the container and placed into the freezer to set.
Once we got stuck into it became obvious spooning into the ice-cream that my mistake had resulted in. I had been left with a very dense ice-cream, and having frozen it, it was a bend the spoon backwards type of dense. The flavours were there, the rich chocolate layer the crunch of chocolate pieces and the freshness of the mint layer. But the density of the ice-cream resulted in a slight iciness of the mix as it had frozen as well leading to a change in texture. I would make this flavour again, but it will always be top priority for me to keep my techniques the same when I know one way works!

My plan of other flavour combinations include;
pecan pie
bread and butter pudding
apple pie
pumpkin pie
cookies and cream

Just to name a few.

But the purpose of this post was to share with you the experiment of a red velvet ice-cream with a cream cheese frosting swirl. Everyone gets stuck into this ice-cream unsure of what to expect. It’s a deep red, so many are unsure of what their taste buds will experience, believe it or not but here in Australia the Red Velvet flavour combination is starting to become more common and well-known, in America I think it would be considered general knowledge to know such a thing. The ice-cream in my opinion turned out a great success. I could however consider turning my freezer down a touch so as not to have to worry about thawing it on the bench before serving, it does freeze as a rock hard brick at present.

The first time I made ice-cream the process was slow, I think it took me about 2 hours, to make sure I did everything correct, in order and to the T. since then my attempts have shortened to almost 20minutes, and that’s doing it all by hand. plus of course freezing time. the main components of an ice-cream base is your eggs, sugar and cream. the rest is flavouring and can be altered to what ever you like!

The final serves of my creation

The final serves of my creation

the recipe base;
600ml pouring cream
1tsp vanilla essence
4 egg yolks
2 whole eggs
1 cup castor sugar

additions to make this red velvet;
3 tbsp dark quality cocoa (can add more if you would prefer a richer flavour)
red food colouring – you can add enough to desired colour
2x 250g pack of cream cheese for cooking at room temp
1c icing sugar

heatproof bowl
casserole sized dish or old large ice-cream container
mix master with large and small bowl
measuring cups and spoons

1. whisking eggs and sugar 2. addition of cocoa and food colouring 3. whipping the cream cheese frosting 4. adding the egg mix to the whipped cream 5. folding through the cream cheese frosting 5. ready to be frozen

1. whisking eggs and sugar
2. addition of cocoa and food colouring
3. whipping the cream cheese frosting
4. adding the egg mix to the whipped cream
5. folding through the cream cheese frosting
5. ready to be frozen

what to do;
1. First get some water boiling in a saucepan, only enough so that when you place a heatproof bowl overtop it’s not touching. in your heatproof bowl add your eggs, egg yolks and sugar. place over heat and using either a hand whisk or a hand-held beater with whisk attachment, whisk until pale and creamy about 8-10mintutes. Remove from heat and you can now add your cocoa and food colouring to the egg mix until desired colour is reached. set aside.
2. Using a mix master and the large bowl, add your cream to this with your vanilla and begin to beat into soft peaks scraping the sides as you go. At this point you can begin to fold in your egg mixture, do not over stir to prevent too much air from being lost from your cream, you want it to remain light and fluffy!
3. Set aside to make you cream cheese frosting.
4. Make this is your small bowl and beat your cream cheese with icing sugar until smooth and creamy. using your spatula dollop this into your red velvet mix and fold through very gently a few times – you only want to create a ripple not actually blend it in!
5. Your ready to pout it all into your cake container. pour it in, place into your freezer to set overnight.

You can get so creative with this by using the base recipe you can add your other flavours to make any creation you want. for example to make white chocolate and raspberry I melted white chocolate and folded that into the cream and egg mix then added raspberries.
You can top with anything to help add a crunch and decorate whatever way you please!



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5 Responses to Experiment; Red Velvet Ice Cream with a cream cheese frosting swirl

  1. Kathryn says:

    I made the basic vanilla icecream recipe and not only was it super easy to make bit also delicious. It took me about 20 mins to make and was ready to eat that evening. I have just made another batch but added some cake batter into the mixture as my partner is obsessed with cake batter ice cream at the moment. Fingeres crossed it tastes amazing and works out as well as my first batch.
    I recommend making the vanilla icecream First and then get creative once you’ve nailed that. Trust me when I say you’ll never go back to bought icecream.

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